Supported Vehicles

AAA Military supports these vehicles with quality replacement parts to keep you running. From collectors' classic showpiece Jeeps to that old duece-and-a-half utility truck that is still working hard, we have the parts that keep these vehicles running well into the future.

Willy's MB "Jeep"

M37 Dodge Truck

M35 2-1/2-Ton Truck

M38A1 Jeep


M800 Series Trucks

Our full line of wholesale parts includes all of the following vehicles, Willy's MB "Jeep", M38 and M38A1 Jeeps, M151 MUTT's, M35 A1, A2 and A3 "Duece-and-a-Half" Trucks, the M800 series of trucks incluing the M809, M813 and M817, HMMWV Humvee, the M900 series of trucks like the M911 and M939, M715 "Five Quarter" Truck, and M37 Dodge.


Check out our full product catalog or contact us for a quote on wholesale parts for and of these vehicles.

These trucks are also known as M-38, M38, M-38A1, M-151, M-37, M-35, M35A1, M-35A1, M35A2, M-35A2, M-35A3, M35A3, M-800, M-809, M-810, M-811, M-812, M-813, M-813A1 M813A1, M-814, M-817, M-818, M-819, M-900, M-911, M-939, M-715 and others.

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