M35 2-1/2-Ton "Duece-and-a-half"

The M35 "Duece-and-a-half" truck is one of the longest lasting and widely used trucks in the history of the United States Military as well as its allies. The truck was built by AM General, Kaiser-Jeep, Reo and Kia and remained in service in many variations for over 50 years. Built in the post-World War II years it has a design payload of 5,000 pounds for off road and 10,000 pounds on-road. The M35 series of trucks saw service in Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia and Operation Iraqi Freedom, from 1951 through the 1990 and in roles that spanned the military's varied needs. The M35 "Duece-and-a-Half continues to roll throughout the world in continuing military and civilian uses in it's M35A1, M35A2 and M35A3 versions.

Featured Parts


Air Filter - M35 Series Trucks


Exhaust Pipe - M35 Series Trucks


Front Parking Light 3-wire - M35 Series Trucks


Air Pack Assy - M35 Series Trucks


Boot - M35 Series Trucks


Oil Pressure Sender - M35 Series Trucks


Wheel Cylinder - M35 Series Trucks


Rear Tail Light - M35 Series Trucks


Tail Light Lens - M35 Series Trucks


Horn Kit - M35 Series Trucks

These are just a sampling of the items AAA Military Parts can provide for the M35 "Duece-and-a-Half" Truck.

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The M35, M35A1, M35A2 and M35A3 are also known as M-35, M-35A1, M-35A2, M-35A3

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