M37 Dodge Truck

The M37 Series of Dodge trucks was an improvement on the World War II Dodge WC model trucks. With a 3/4 ton capacity the light cargo and personnel carrier began production in 1950 and was produced in numbers through 1954 while other variants continued to roll out through the 1960's. The Dodge M37 series was powered by an inline six cylinder Dodge engine and was a lightweight and versatile part of the military transport mission.

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Water Pump - M37 Dodge


Light 24V 3-Wire Amber Blackout - M-Series Trucks


Wheel Cylinder - M37 Dodge Truck


Distributor Cap - M37 Dodge Truck


Brake Shoe - M37 Dodge Truck



Clutch Disc - M37 Dodge Truck



Wheel Cylinder - M37 Dodge Truck

These are just a sampling of the items AAA Military Parts can provide for the M37 Dodge Truck.

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The M37 Dodge Truck is also known as M-37.

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