M38A1 Willy's MD Jeep


After the rousing success of the Willy's MB model "Jeeps" in World War II the Army desired and improved form that became the Willy's-Overland Model C which was designated as the M38.  Willy's also trademarked the name Jeep which would remain synonymous with the Willy's name. The M38 was produced from 1949 through 1952 and also was introduced into the civilian market as the CJ-3A. An improved model, the Willy's-Overland Model D, was introduced in 1952 and designated the M-38A1 and civilian CJ-5. It remained in production until 1957 and was finally replaced in 1960 with the M151 MUTT.  In 1953 Willy's-Overland was purchased by Kaiser Motors and continued production on the M38A1 under the Willy's Motors Company that would later be reformed as Kaiser-Jeep.

Featured Parts


Headlamp 24V - M Series Jeeps


Spark Plug - M38A1


Light 24V 2-wire - M Series Jeeps


Spark Plug Wire Set - M38A1


Three Lever Switch - M38A1


Brake Shoe Set - M38A1


Light 24V 3-wire Stop Turn Tail - M Series Jeeps

These are just a sampling of the items AAA Military Parts can provide for the M38 and M38A1 Jeep.

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M38 is also known as M-38, M-38A1 and M151 is also known as M151

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