M800 Series Trucks

Beginning in the late 1960's Kaiser-Jeep began producing what would become the many variations of the M800 series of trucks. Over 15 versions would be conceived and used by the military to perform all kinds of functions on and off the battlefield. Production would later shift to AM General with its purchase of Kaiser-Jeep and continue through the 1908's. Most notable in the series are the M809, M810, M811 and M813A1 cargo versions, The M817 dump truck and M818 and M819 tractors but the series performed functions from weapons carriers, bridging, wreckers and tank recovery and radar platforms.

Featured Parts


Air Filter - M800 Series Trucks


Fuel Filter - M800 Series Trucks


Fuel Tank Sender - M800 Series Trucks


Oil Seal - M800 Series Trucks


Regulator - M800 Series Trucks


Muffler - M800 Series Trucks


Lower Radiator Hose - M800 Series Trucks

These are just a sampling of the items AAA Military Parts can provide for the M-800 Series of Trucks Like the M-809 and M-813.

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M800 series includes, M-800, M-809, M-810, M-811, M-812, M-813A1, M-817, M-818, M-819

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