Willy's MB Jeep

The Willy's Motor's (later Willy's Overland and Kaiser Jeep) MB model was the first in a long tradition of small, fast, reliable and adaptable vehicles that would be associated with the name "Jeep". Originally designed by Bantam, production concerns caused the design to be built by the Willy's Motor Company and later some by the Ford Motor Comapny. The US Military was in need of a fast and adaptable vehicle for scouting, transportation and to replace the heavy, slow vehicles of World War I. The "Jeep" as it was nicknamed performed all of these roles and saw service through the Korean War in many forms and adaptations. Willy's Overland would later trademark the name Jeep and continue a tradition into the present.

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Brake Shoe Set - Willy's MB Jeep


Clutch Plate - Willy's MB Jeep


Wheel Cylinder - Willy's MB Jeep


Mirror Kit - Willy's MB Jeep


Water Pump - Willy's MB Jeep


Master Cylinder - Willy's MB Jeep


Wheel Cylinder - Willy's MB Jeep

These are just a sampling of the items AAA Military Parts can provide for the Willy's-Overland MB "Jeep".

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